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Dr. János Ormai attorney – besides his work at The Ormai & Partner Law Office - as a professor of the Szent István University held seminars and lectures on Civil Law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Ormai attorney has been engaged to legal practice for nearly two decades as an attorney, amongst others in the field of Civil Law, within that particularly in the business-related areas.

The Ormai & Partner Law Office has been performing legal practice and its clients’ legal representation covering the entire field of Civil Law - especially Business and Commercial. Law - and Administrative Law since its foundation.

The Ormai & Partner Law Office provides complete, high-standard legal service to its clients in connection with all the afore-named areas, by performing case and permanent representation of its clients, providing professional legal support in contentious and non-contentious litigation, and mediates in order to settling legal disputes. In case of legal procedures related to Criminal Law The Ormai & Partner Law Office performs mandates cooperating with a further law firm.

If you interested in our detailed review regarding the special practice areas, you can find it under the heading 'Practice Areas'.

The Ormai & Partner Law Office performs its legal activity with a high level theoretical knowledge and years of practical experience with outstanding precision, cooperating with its partner-office and highly qualified expert team.